About Banner XE

After the most recent TCC conference, a number of member schools began sharing helpful items from their own Banner migrations.  Although a lot of us use eCommunities, there are limits on sharing scripts or documents.  Also, some of the conversation involves other non-Ellucian systems that we have to support, in addition to Banner.

To facilitate greater communication and sharing between schools, we have set up this site.  The site is inspired by lumdev.net, which is independently hosted but has provided peer to peer support for almost a decade.  Our goal is to provide a secure spot where different ERP leads can share documents, project plans, and ideas about the migrations to Banner XE.

So that we can safely share information, we will need users to register before accessing the full site.   However, we won’t charge for access or sale information.  If we can help each other, then we can each make our jobs easier and better support our institutions.