Frequent Keyboard Shortcuts

Banner 9 Function Banner 9 Key Stroke Banner 8 Key Stroke
Choose/Submit/Action Return/Enter Return/Enter
Next Section ALT + Page Down Ctrl + Page Down
Previous Section ALT + Page Up Ctrl + Page Up
Cancel Query Ctrl + Q Ctrl + Q
Cancel Action Esc  
Next Field/Item Tab Tab
Export SHIFT + F1  
Duplicate Item F3 F3
Duplicate Selected Record F4 F4
Clear One Record Shift + F4 Shift + F4
Clear Page/Start Over/Refresh/Rollback F5 F5
Clear All in Section Shift + F5  
Insert/Create Record F6 F6
Delete Record Shift + F6 Shift + F6
Search/Open Filter Query F7 F7
Execute Filter Query F8 F8
List of Values F9 F9
Save F10 F10
Print CTRL + P Shift + F8
Up Up Arrow Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow Down Arrow
Previous Page Up Page Up Page-up
Next Page Down Page Down Page-down

New Banner XE Shortcuts

Application Navigator Display Open Items CTRL + Y
Application Navigator Search CRTL + Shift + Y
Application Navigator Sign Out CTRL + Shift + F
Display the Menu CTRL + M
Open Main Menu CTRL + Alt + M
Open Related Menu Alt + Shift + R
Open Tools Menu Alt + Shift + T
First Page CTRL + Home
Last Page CTRL + End
Select on a Called Page ALT + S
More Information CTRL + Shift + U
Retrieve BDM Documents ALT + R
Add BDM Documents ALT + A
Submit Work Flow ALT + W
Release Work Flow ALT + Q
Page Tab 1, Page Tab 2, Page Tab 3, … CTRL + Shift + 1, CTRL +
  Shift + 2, CTRL + Shift + 3, etc…